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Unchain My Legacy - A New Book by Sabra Starnes & Audra Upchurch

In Unchain My Legacy, each author exposes the truth of their stories; revealing the decisions that have threatened to shackle them, along with the future of their children and their children’s children in a never-ending chain of bondage…It’s time to break the links; to look our choices in the face and say, ͞No more. The issue stops here.

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My Bio

Sabra D. Starnes is a licensed clinical social worker in Maryland and Washington, DC. She has worked as a clinical social worker in the Washington, DC area for over 20 years in various settings, such as hospitals, adoption agencies, schools, daycare centers, outpatient clinics and inpatient treatment centers.

Sabra has a Masters in Social Work for Catholic University and Masters in Education from American University. She has her certification in Life Crisis Skills, Sand Tray, Play Therapy, Trauma, Loss and Grief. She is a Parenting the Love and Logic Way expert. She specializes in adoption, foster care, parenting issues and skills. She is very knowledgeable on resources and supports in the DMV and often provides guidance to those needing immediate support. As a lifelong learner, Sabra enjoys attending trainings and workshops and self-guided learning of new skills and techniques to enhance her clinical work with children, adults, families and couples.

Sabra is the owner and psychotherapist of Next Place Therapy, a small private practice, with offices in Maryland and Washington, D.C. She has owned her own business since 2001. They provide individual group and family therapy to children, couples and families. And offers monthly parenting workshops and support groups to parents on such topics as balancing parenting and life, how to communicate and listen effectively to your children, helping young adults launch into the world, safety and the internet, understanding mental illness, loss and grief, and divorce. She has done workshops for children, families and adults on diversity, LGBTQ, growth and development, drug and alcohol prevention, warning signs of depression and other mental illnesses. Sabra supervises and trains mental health professionals on areas of child social emotional development, adoption and foster care, navigating the school system, and helping parents understand their child’s IEP or 504.

Sabra enjoys public speaking and educating individuals and groups on various topics. She is known to offer engaging, interactive, motivational and humorous insights on health and wellness, balancing work and life, and overcoming life’s challenges and issues effectively.

Sabra provides and develops training and presentation locally and nationally to parents on various.
She uses her professional and personal experiences as a woman, parent, and wife to help in discussing the various topics. She is effective at coordinating and collaborating with other individuals and groups on health and wellness topics and issues. Sabra is known to be a reliable and helpful person and often is asked to work and collaborate with area agencies and professionals to provide guidance and advice.

Sabra is an active member in her community in supporting and providing on pressing in our community today. She is very passionate about working with youth and families at risk. She provides pro bono counseling to those who are unable to pay for therapy through the Pro Bono Counseling Project. She has severed on various boards in the community. Sabra is the creator and
Sabra is a strong advocate for self- care, being healthy physically and emotionally, and living life to the fullest. She enjoys swimming, bike riding, hiking, yoga and meditating. Sabra is an adoptive mother of two sons, wife and someone who loves to live life to the fullest, traveling, spending time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors.

Sabra and her twin were adopted as infants in a closed adoption. Growing up in a transracial family in the Midwest had many joys and challenges. Sabra and her family experienced racism and discrimination as a transracial family. Sabra learned to persevere and be a strong advocate for herself. And at a young age, she knew she wanted to help others. She adopted two sons, who are now young men.
She provides adoption counseling using attachment-based therapies connected with expressive therapies. She facilitates a monthly foster and adoptive support group, and Love and Logic parenting workshops.
As an expert adoption therapist for the past 20 years, she has the personal experience and professional training to work with families who have been touched by adoption and foster care. She is a strong advocate for children who are in care to have permanency or reunify with their birth families.